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my mk5b


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cheers mate. yeah that spoilers a right pain-i only had it put on today, the guys at the body shop spent ages cutting and re-shaping it to try and get a proper fit but its the best they could get it. i didn't realise it would look so big when it was on!


i'm sure i'll get used to it!

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the spoiler was originally custom made for a beemer so its not the best of fits-thought it was worth a go though as it kind of follows the mouldings on the roof of the car.


the front indicators have been sprayed silver and i have small indicators in the bumber (originally from a punto-just the right size.)

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well, i'm going to try to be tactful as i'm sure you welcome 'constructive criticism'


tbh mate, i'm sure that spoiler has had a lot of work and all, but it just looks terrible... :( from what i can see, it actually sits level with the roof of the car and hence.. o m g no. just no. :(


i also think that there's just too much going on with the headlights...


sorry to be so negative mate, but i just don't like that at all :(

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yeah i know mate, its pretty large (not quite as tall as the roof though). hopefully when i get some cash i can get it chopped down in size. its annoying as i can't put my old spoiler back on for the time being as i've had the old holes all welded up and sprayed over.



regards to the headlights-i'm gunna whack a twin headlight conversion on in time.


i just havn't got the cash to do it all at once.

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