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heres my motor with a few new changes!first of all ive got 18's on now,i also got eyebrow lids+my door handles+the back door black plastic things colour coded.looks a lot better now,before ne1 says yes the mesh is slightly bent+the front bumper doesnt quite sit right. :P let me know what you guys think,all opinions welcome.new mods this week are tarox brake discs+ebc pads.i will also be painting the calipers+drums.(when the weather gets better!!)










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wheels look wrong, as they did on richs, sits to high now, the things on the morettes as knackerd them and now u have no main beam, and your mesh is dented


not a fan sorry ;) ;) ;)


plus why a mk5 bumper on a mk6 car looks very silly imo

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will get lower profile tyres when the time comes,the bumper is for a mk5 not a mk6,they sold me the wrong bumper but cause its bout 2 years ago i bought it i cant do nothing bout it.i didnt realise till bout a year later!



didnt realise??? you blind?? sticks out like a shore thumb ;) ;)

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