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WooHoo made it on Barry boys

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get in, my life long ambition has been met! im on barry boys site! lol




oh the joys, i think that a well known member with a blue car has sed the bit about 'going down hill' as he said sumit along the lines on here too COUGH chappers COUGH lol


and who the fooks geordiegirl>?? nowt to do with me lol

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sorry, but when i first saw it, i thought 'wow, that's rather cool' then you keep doing all these mods etc. and then not completing them and it's just sad to see it go to waste like that... come on! get your act together! it will look good i know!


i must admit, this car has gone hill quite quickly recently.. as you can see by my comment about it in the thread... 


i still can't get my head around the bonnet, although it would be pretty funny to see his head under it, unless he sorts this car out pretty quickly 


Quick question - do you guys look around our forum often then?


it u then chappers? LMAO i think its hilarious

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oooh!!! lol only giving my opinion!! i loved it when you first had it on the board, still got that video even, not looking so good at the moment, get it sorted!!!


:roll: :roll: :roll:

its areet man, its getin sorted as we speak, exhaust is deeper now aswell, could u add me to msn and send me them vids m8?


hunkpearson@hotmail.com <----HAD IT SICNE I WAS 13 B4 U ALL START LOL

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would sign up but apparently ALL my email addys are banned :s 3 addys all baned? 1 hotmail 1 gmail 1 private

damn it i have 3 gig worth of images hosted online im SURE would kill there bandwidth fcuking bundle of annoying people oneday i swear ill get on there and ill LOVE IT!

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