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just bought a bargain on ebay

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i bought mjkrs2k RS 2000 4x4 shell off him and trim, as he had already sold the rear axle ive put in mondeo 4x4 axle which is 2" wider than the escort but replaced the diff with a escort cossie one.

The gearbox is Rs 4x4 with transfer box but with Quaife internals.

The engine is a lowmileage Mondeo St200 with tubular manifolds and soon to be powered by a supercharger, all running with a Dta pro8 manigement system.


the engine is in place but not running as yet, as alot of work has gone on to get the bugger to fit. As the engine is now in place weve found out that theres room for the supercharger so that is the very next thing thats on my shopping list.


i was gonna keep it standard looking, but i do love the escort cossie shape, but i hate the horrible mk5 dash and stuff, so thats why its gonna be a mk6 in shape and internals but just with the wide wings

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yeah matt i will post some pics up sometime this weekend.


i only bought one side coz thats all he had!


ive bought 2 genuine wings so ive just got to buy the other quarter but as i was gonna buy new from fords it was a bargain finding that on ebay, plus the two wings i bought were also new from ebay and i got them both for less than what i would have paid for one at fords. Another bargain :thumb:

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A Bloody fortune! ive found some genuine side skirts and bottom lower spoiler and rear bumper for £600 picking them up from Gary at the rsbreakers in Portsmouth on Thursday. All ive got to get now is another rear quarter which will be around £5-600, my mates going to panel it up for about £2-300 as ive got new sills to on too, £2,500 for the supercharger, Ive budgeted about £600 for the exhaust to be made, my mates going to paint it for £1000 including paint. (dont know wheather to keep the same colour Aubergine (Purple) or go the Brooklands Green the same as my 280. Then it will be a one off again like my old Rs. And Suspention, which im waiting to hear back on, about £5-600 again. The last thing will be an alarm + tracker so about £1000 for them. Oh one last thing im looking for opening rear quarter windows so if anyone sees any, give me a shout. Although gary is trying to find me some of them too.


My RS 17" Diamond Cuts come today from Roger at Fordpartsuk. (Top Bloke) so get your orders in while there in stock again


So far ive spent.


£800 shell+trim

£1000 leather retrim. (including leather)

£1500 for engine and gearbox, but i sold the gearbox for £350 and then bought a new race prepped one for £750

£400 on Axle + Diff

£750 Wheels + Tyres

£1000 on ecu and bits

£400 on a few engine bits (flywheel, waterpump, underdrive pulleys)

£500 on manifolds

£600 on genuine cosworth panels todate. (Not including this Thursdays bits.)

£250 on a WRC link kit

£100 for my bonnet louvered.

£100 for front bib spoiler.

£100 for electric sunroof and white clock

£500 labour so far but that includes a prop being fabricated and balanced.

Brakes are St200 items on the front which came with the engine, and mondeo 4x4 rears which are better than the rs2000 4x4's which come on the axle.


I think thats about it, but i did spend £1000 on a 2.9 cossie lump and 4x4 sump+diff for the original idea but then the St200 come up so i bought that instead, so ive got that engine still sat up the garage, but thats going into a capri after this is finished.

And i also bought a real low mileage shell for £500 that was a stolen recovered gti that my mate was going to make 4x4 which we had started working on, but then i saw martins 4x4 shell so i bought that and scapped the other as i needed the room at the time. but youve got to take the rough with the smooth.


Now ive nearly got all the bits im pushing my mate to get everything done as i want it for my birthday, june time. All my mates thinks im mad saying i should have just bought a cossie, but i love being different.


I will post up some pics this week as i will be going up there a few nights this week to do abit.


I still dont know what colour i will end up with........ Green (which has a blue flip in it) or the original Purple which looks black half the time but has a nice pearl.


Thoughts Please?!?

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