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passenger pet hates


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whats your worst passenger pet hates?


i hate it when passengers touch my sounds, put the bass up etc, when u know the standard ford speakers will just blow if you keep doing it....or hate it when they change it to there own music...


or one of the most annoying things is when they dont trust your driving, and you can notice them holding onto the seat like a little girl.....lol

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i couldn't agree more with those mate


i was in argos car park this afternoon and it was busy. so wen i saw a space near to the entrance i went for it. to the left of the space was a saxo and the right of the space was a mondeo and me old dear kept saying for me to look 4 a better parking space cos she thought i mite hit 1 of the other cars as it wud b tight so i just told her to shut up and drove straight into the space no problem.


hate it wen they dont trust yur driving- even basci things like parking

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Must admit, some things real get me going. Had my mangeress in the car today giving her a lift and the amount of times she keep sucking air in through her teeth was unbeleivable, and that really dirves me insane as if to say




Mind you, I was showing off in the car park before I had to take her down the road. Lost her virginity to me, well at least her ring


No, dont make it rude, she had never been in a car before that had been handbraked into a 360 spin




Much to the amusement of my other manager who was watching!




Ah well, you gotta do it, sexy 25 year old in your car, and a horny 20 year old behind the wheel, at least it was on private property!


Anyways............. yea people who freak out when you are gonig to roundabouts, people who say "shouldnt you slow down for that cornor," "its illegal to overtake more than one car at once" (no its Fcuking not, check the highway code and road traffic acts) and of course my favourite "let me drive"


FOOK OFF! :upyours:

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