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Nokia 7650


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how much does it cost a month???


how much does sending a colour pic by email cost?????


is it internet capable???

Can get it 4 £15 a month line rental.

Is WAP enabled but can go onto the proper internet via Bluetooth over a Laptop or enabled Palm.

Don't know how much it costs to send a photo cos Vodafone haven't activated my GPRS yet and I forgot to ask at the shop. :nutter:

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I was looking at gettin one of them as my contract is almost up!

i think its about 45p per pic, any good games on there mate?

Nah! the games are a colour version of snake and a game where u can rearange ur photos u have taken. Pretty pap really! Still u can download more and the phone is completely updatable so should soon be able to recieve videos aswell! :))

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