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rear strut brace


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I got an etech front brace - as I was fitting it I was thinking "naaahh... this isnt gonna do anything!" but I was really suprised - the lazy lurch the car seemed to so when going into corners was gone! the front end just feels so rigid now!


regarding a rear one ...


ive seen the selection at that place : http://www.strutbracer.co.uk/tables/ford.htm


but which do I need for a mk6 gti ? someone said I need to drill another hole each side in this bars plates... thats doable I suppose... I was also thinking .. red .. hmm.. no problem I can Hammerite it in black! ... lol ..


anyway - which one do I buy ?


there only seems to be this one - Escort RS2000 16v 91>



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Yeah matey, unfortunetly IIRC there was never a rear brace made for the mk6, So you have to get a mk5 one and drill another 2 holes each side :thumb:


yeah someone else mentioned I would have to drill more holes ... but If I got that one in my previous post - will that one fit (apart for the new holes?)

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Ok = fitted this today ... what a pain in the @rse!


main problem was getting the holes correct - them being slightly out after I drilled and having to keep taking it off and using a file to allow everything to fit correctly..


anyway .. after lots of swearing and stabbing myself in the hand (twice)... i was releaved to finally tighten up the bolts !




not sure bout the red though... its a nice red - but nothing else is red on my entire car (apart from the hazard switch, back lights, and imobilizer blinker!) ... I dont suppose it matters as its hidden away in my boot - but I might just paint it black of something?

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looks spot on mate, did you ahve to cut the rubber boots that sit over the top and can you take a pic of one side bolted on




I will get a pic of the boting tomorrow.


I didnt need to cut the rubber boots on top - they just slid back over like they did before, I did have to cut the trim carpet though... I think I could have made a better job at it, but its ok...

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Heres the bolting on one side of the brace..


Its tight as hell and reasuringly once its bolted down its like its a solid part of the car.


Only thing I had problems with - well, was irritating more than anything, I had to unscrew the parcel shelf trip .. this is one trip panel that includes the quarterlight plastic... its easily unscrews with about 7 screws? only problem I found is that I couldnt take it off fully because I would have had to unscrew the seatbelt mounting - but didnt have a torque screw bit big enough to do that. Anyway - I found with the screws removed it gave me enough room to keep sliding the bar in..


If I did this again I think Id work out the holes and translate them onto the bar a little better - I just offered the bar up to the screws and maked roughly where the holes should be drilled - this obviously wasnt good enough as I ended up having to file out the holes slightly to fit.


Perhaps use a piece of paper to make a template of the holes?




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Theres a guy on the rs2000-16v forum makes up rear strut braces for mk6. The reviews from people who have nought them are quite good. Might have been the easiest option although to late now!


yeah .. it always is.. lol ...


still it was a rewarding experience.

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