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few more changes


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had a bit of a mad blitz on the escort the last few weeks , done a few jobs ive wanted to do also doing one mod which isnt quite finished yet so will show that when its done :P


first off some big brakes 285mm



all on and painted callipers



polished charge carrier


auto guage boost guages




psi and bar as i couldnt decide which one to get lol :lol:






smoked bumper indicators to match ...


smoke rear lights think they match the colour of the car great and also tie in with the side repeaters and bumper indicators




and my brand spanking new turbo




just waiting for the oil feed hole to be tapped and its on :thumbsup:

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lights look good mate, shouldnt need anything tapping? oil feed comes from using a rst t piece in the back of the block :)



its where the oil feed enters the turbo , for sum reason the hole wasnt tapped for the piece that screws into the turbo housing which you then bolt your oil feed to :cheers:

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