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Football corruption


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Did anyone see the bbc panorama undercover operation tonight at 9.00pm. It uncovered illegal meetings & bungs throughout premiership football managers & targeted Bolton Wanderers Sam Allardyce (& his FA agent son), harry redknapp & others involved in back handers & bribes shifting players between agents for large sums of cash, i think some red faces are due at a few grounds tomorrow :)) Edited by peewee
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I missed it, I forgot it was on


It doesnt suprise me one bit that big sam is in there, not harry redknapp either


I would have thought Newcastle and chavski might be involved though

They were trig :O

So were Liverpool mate, involved in talks about a 15 year old middlesborough player without their knowledge & totaly against all rules :))

In fact chelski were involved in a few dodgy dealings :blink:

Edited by peewee
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No Andy i dont think Man U were involved in this one, although looking at the whole scheme of things it wouldnt surprise me if most of the big names were tbh, It all depended on the agents that they managed to get in with & do digging so the clubs were limited to those ones.

Basically the agent gets together with managers or scouts & agree`s an over inflated fee of lets say 130k so the club pays the agent the money & the agent via foreign bank accounts bung 100k back to the manager :O

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yes... oh and buy my blue doorcards and seats




just back of hols m8, skint and in need of mechanical parts first im affraid, if money was no object id of had 90% of the car of u.

Loved it


i can keep hold of em if ya want them in a few weks and i can post them to isle of man aswel...

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All i need to say is this was the reason why steve is the england manager and not sam


where my team man utd in it?

they are always being investigated for dodgy transfers so its not news anymore

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