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My Car History


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my car history, since i was 17,


my frist car was a Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 merit, unfortunatly i have no pictures of this car, was a great first car and i learnt to drive in it :)


the next car was my 1996 ford escort mk6 1.6 16v Zetec,


started its life off standard, then i added some suttle mods and it looked like this:





was a great car, added wheels, 40mm drop, and exhaust, then sold it to Kirsty on here :)


then came my Ford escort RS Turbo Series 2:


what fun this car was, but at the same time was dissapointing, as things kept goin wrong on it, and i had to replace near enough the whole engine, but when it worked it was amazing, and put a smile on my face everytime it came on boost, and it was an animal @ 15psi!! :D


some pics:






stayed standard on the outside, bar the wheels and koni lowering springs, and under the bonnet was a 180bhp engine, with some mods, kent cam, superchip, exhaust, airfilter more boost, forged pistons, Samcos, bailey Dump Valve :)


was a mint car, which is missed dearly :(


while i owned my rs turbo me and my mate bought this:




A Vauxhall Astra GTE, 2.0 16v Red top, was a bargain and went like mad! electronic dial inside the lot, unfortubatly it was scrapped, due to it being rotten underneath, was a fast and cheap fun car :)


and now my Current car, the 1997 Bmw 318is coupe, 1.9 16v engine, 144bhp Standard,


a great car, one of my favs, nice power curve, pulls well after 3k, and is econimical but at the same time really comfortable, good on insurance for us younger drivers, due to it being a 1.9 but has the looks of an m3,


some pictures:






theres my car history briefly, the next car i will have will be one of these hopefully :




:thumb: thxs for looking :thumb:

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CTR has gone,


now own this:


2002 Ford Focus RS


2.0 16v Turbo, 215bhp standard, but have a bluefin, and K&N panel filter on it, and soon to have a decat :)






number plates have been changed to my personal one to :)



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