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How many miles is a focus good for?


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got to be more than mileage to consider when buying a car would you buy it if it was a shed but only 50-60k on it


the mileage is the only thing that appears to be a problem as no other faults are stated, it has full service history and one owner from new so appears to be a bit of a bargain, im just worried that it may have hit the age whereby everything starts going tits right up and i just want a reliable car that will need next to no attention for a good while

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If your not sure, then buy it for £1000 then sell it to me for £1100 and make the quickest £100 you've ever made. :thumb:


Seriously, just buy it. you can always sell that on for more.


very tempted now, gonna have a look at it tomorrow, resale wise it must be a good buy as its the first focus ive seen in good nick for anywhere near that price

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get it! even a replacement engine will cost less than difference between the normal going price


very good point! with a newish engine this could be worth around £2-3k. i was looking for another escort and hadnt thought about a focus because of the price difference but this sounds like a good deal

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