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What do you use to and how do you clean your car?


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I thought maybe if we could all say what we used and how we went about cleaning our cars we could learn something new off one another...


Anyway my tools are very basic;


Autoglym Car Shampoo

Meguairs Tech Wax

Meguairs Tyre Shine

2x Chamois

2x Sponges

1x Bucket of warm water


Basically everytime i clean my car, sometimes once every few days, sometimes once a week depending on the weather.


I wash the car down with the autoglym in some hot water in a bucket with a sponge.


I use a seperate sponge with the left over water from cleaning the car to clean the alloys.


I then rinse the whole car down with warm water.


I then chamois the whole car to remove all the streaks and water marks.


I then use a seperate chamois to dry the alloys and remove water marks ( theyre black)


I then use the seperate old chamois to do all the door shuts.


I then use the Meguairs tyre shine to obviously do the sidewalls with, i also use it on the wing mirror baseplates, the laguna splitter, and all the other black plastic all over the car.


I used normal window cleaner as i find the window polishes make too much mess.


Once a fortnight after washing i polish the car with some meguairs tech wax.


Once every fortnight ill hoover it inside and clean all the dash and interior plastics.


Once every few months ill remove all 4 wheels and clean the insides and clean the wheel arches.


Other than thats about as far as i go.


What about everyone else?

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i use turtlewax shampoo, autoglym super resin folowed by turtlewax wax (green bottle)



couple mates bought meguirs kits recently, they wont go back to autoglym now. i think ill be joining them when my stuff runs out


:jaw: funny you should say that as I got myself one of them AutoGlym packs thought I'd give it a go and wasn't impressed. So I've now gone back to Meguiars Gold Class and the results are much better 8)

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I used to use turtle wax but its far too dusty and leaves a lot of mess once rubbed off, meguairs leaves no dust what so ever and is 10 times easier and quicker to polish off, ive still on the first bottle i bought over 6 months ago, will need a new one soon though! Even the meguairs tyre shine is awesome, its been raining for 3 days here and the tyres are still black and sexy...
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