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Im looking for some chrome indicator bulbs for my GTI ... are they Opposite Pin or Offset pin ?


anyone recomend any cheap sources for bulbs ?





i am sure i found some of these last night in the garage which i got brand new when i bought mine..


i will have a look tonight and £6 posted would be enough ..

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cheap chrome bulbs aint any good. you need Silvetecs and these are £12-15


but BUT





oh and you 110% need Offset pins like the ones in the link. just been out to check my "cheap" ones that the chrome bubbled off the first time they were turned on.


wow - thanks for the clicky - Ive just ordered some ... to double check I got off my lazy ass and went see for myself if these were offset or striaght pined - and you are very right they are offset.


Infact I realised that my front indicators are actually pretty much flashing clear at the moment due to all the bloody orange paint that flaked off them... rubbish!


Oh well - new bulbs soon.


are the back ones clear bulbs with the light coloured through coloured plastic as apposed to coloured bulbs? (I couldnt tell it was dark!:()

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