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Got my theory booked!


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Right, after a 3 week wait I have got my theory test on Monday 27th at 3.30 pm, so you've all got to cross your fingers that I pass.


The first time I got my licence I failed my theory with 28, then just scraped through with 30 on the second go!!! And this time i gotta do an extra gay test too.


So wish me luck.


I soooo want my licence back, i think im forgetting how to drive.


Dan :D

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good luck mate!!! im sure u will pass !! just dont get the dodgy touch screen like i had so u carnt press the correct answer lol



i got 35 outta 35 on my theory :D what everyone esle get?

Didn't do one mate.................. :D

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Never done a theory test either I got asked 2 questions by the examiner at the end of the test, what a sign meant and the national speed limit on a dual carraigeway. I was the first to take the test with that examiner that day so he was still in a good mood and passed me first time.
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