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locking wheels nuts and keys


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........ive kinda lost my key to my locking wheel nuts and i have no way of getting my wheels off. ;( ;( :nutter: :madbugger: :party:


i visited tanvics performance centre to see if the can sort me out cos they deal in purely wheels, they laughed at me and Shite me up cos they've had the same problem before and had to cut the wheels off 8o


so if anyone has got any other suggestions please please let me know.


my dad had the idea of welding a wheel nut brace to the locking wheel nut to get it off but ive got to do that another 3 times.

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had the same prob a couple of weeks ago! had a puncher and the locking nut key broke cos the nuts were to tight. drilled at 1 wheel for 3 hours, ended up having to cut it off (cut the nut) ended up with both the wheels that were stuck, off but with burn marks around the holes!! ;( if i were u JP i would try welding a nut like Al said cos cutting is definately the last option!
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it alright crisis over!!!!!


i told my problem to this bloke who was parked up in morrisons in grantham tonight and as he worked for a recovery company hes used to working with people that are as stupid as me and he had a hole set of what paulo described and got them off for me, i was so pleased i found him i gave him £30 quid in return for being so helpful.


ohwell i should hopefully learn from my mistakes

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