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zetec turbo kit


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hey guys now im defo selling up.


heres the spec:


water cooled t2(hybrid) with manifold

charge cooler(all piping plus seperate rad)

brand new intercooler(same size as one in pics) plus piping

collins dump valve

modded sump

electric water pump

alloy header tank

ALL samco/sfs hoses

sheepdog fuel pressure reg

escrt cossy in tank fuel pump

fuel rail with skyline injectors

greddy oil catch tank (possibly)


This kit mate 200bhp (with dyno) without the fuel pressure reg, standard air box, standard exhuast, standard injectors and no intercooler!


ive just found out that the turbo is a hybrid aswel.


im just returning my car back to stock as im looking to sell up now

ive spent soooo long making it this spec, last 6months ive put literally my blood n sweat into this kit but like i said now i just gotta get rid.


this is a complete kit and cost me over £1500(with reciepts to prove) but im looking for reasonable offers via pm only please. dont be scared to jus offer me what you can afford, you never know!


please see: http://www.escortevolution.co.uk/forums/in...showtopic=68491

for pics!

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got any videos of it?


unfortunatly i dont have any videos of it matey, but your welcome to see it run on the car!its getting removed on monday :( so anytime before is fine!


at idle the car just sounds like a 'normal' car, doesnt make any weird noises at all, im sad to be taking it off but ive seen a gorgeous st200 im after now

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  • 1 year later...

hey mate..


im very very intrested in this..


i live in romford so can collect...


only issues i have is payment....


dont get paid till end of month.. and thats the full wages so if willing to take 2 monthly payment of half the "agreed price" ill have the lot for my car..


Dave with the black mk6 estate can vouch for me.. am a member of sporting fords and Feoc under same username..


only singled up as this deal was too good to not miss

thoi will be staying in for the action

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