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Pissed on a beamer


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I had my mate come up behind me today in his 318 beemer any way i started to floor it out of the 30 and i was actually pulling away i was well impresses, as i got into stamford there was a bit of a gap, he seemd surprised as well and said his cars fcuked, but wot bhp is a 1.8 318 series ?( , hte same thing hapeend when i pulled away form my mate in his xr3i, in hte summer 8)
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he seemd surprised as well and said his cars fcuked,

that's an original one :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :D :D :D

?( ....why do people think that just cos it's a BMW it should be faster than you?........it all depends on the engine size & power to weight.

Bmw's are better quality cars than others ie Ford,Vauxhall etc.If you have owned 1 or 2, then you would know what i'm talking about. :) Al. *Ducks for cover* :upyours:

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99% of BMW owners have the car because of it's image.


imo ;)


For instance,


My brother is looking for a new car, the stupid bitch he married is a right snob and a real 'keep up with the Jones' type person. Unfortunately, she had also turned my brother into the same type of person...


Now, they want a BMW...... :rolleyes:


There objectives of a car are:



Must have 4 doors, as they are parents and want practicality.

Must look nice

Must go quite well..


So I suggested a 5 door Escort GTi, pick a fantastic one up for £4500 now :thumb:


'Her' response, "I ain't having a shitty Ford" :rolleyes: I want a 'Beemer' (I hate it when people called it a beemer :vangry: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: )


So, the conversation goes on and on, so I take the Pee out of them because they are snobs etc etc...


Their response

" We want a Beemer ( :vangry: ) cos they are reliable, well built and will last a long time".


So I put this to them.


If I found you a car with the same level of build quality, same level of reliabilty and will last the same amount of time.......BUT............it had a 'Skoda' badge on the front and was £5k cheaper, would you have that.....


Their response


" Don't be bloody stupid, I ain't having no shitty Skoda" :rolleyes:



Case Closed :D

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yup bimmers aint really that special


now the new merc SL55 AMG??? - ooooooh yeh please :D

?( ....so how much do they cost?


There are lots of things that are better :rolleyes: The SL AMG, should be better at its price.


It's like saying a Ford Ka is not as good as a Ferrari 355??


Has Lee R ever owned a BMW?.....guess not.You seem to have quite a 'hang up' over them.

I'm in no way trying to 'make ' you like them, but it seems to me that you think that BMW drivers are 'wankers'?? How strange that as soon as you get into one,you behave like a whacker?? :pancake:


I've had 3 or 4 'Beemers' ( :D ) didn't make me drive any different from when i had my Escort 1.8 si;


fact!.......case closed. :) al.


*Quote; Lee R,

"Good on ya daz


That's 1 less 'sumg and arragant' BMW on the road "*

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I drive on average, 10 hours a day.


I see loads on bad driving all day, and I swear on my life, a good 65-70% are BMW's.....so that's first hand experience....


Actually Al, before the Mondy, I looked at getting a 3 series Diesel, but imo BMW's are just massively overpriced, under equipped cars.....




For instance,


I sold my Mondy Ghia X for £3250, it has stupidly low mileage (33k) for a 'P' reg car, it had EVERY extra you can imagine, full leather, heated seats......everything, full genuine Ford RS kit, unmarked, brand new 17's........


Could you get a BMW to rival that at £3250???? Doubt it...






And i did say 99% are wankers, you must be in the 1 % mate ;)


*99%* of BMW owners think they are god because they have them 3 letters on their bonnet...... :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :D

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