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How bout a photoshop gallery?


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I didn't really care about it until I got it, but now I got it, I wondered if there was a chance of a photoshop gallery on here? just until Ian gets the porn link up.


We can do pics of what Astra's motor will look like when he's put an engine in it, or we can just practice our skills, and like oral sex, we get better at it.





or we can just arse around like this. 8)

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I noticed you wrote 'except porn'.


Porns great. It means you dont have to buy nice things for your missus when you want some action, it provides a great source of income for budding young actors and actresses, it helps us learn new cultures (eg German, Swedish) it helps companies such as Sony churn out more video cameras, which in turn creates jobs in South Wales.


And it increases the sales of cucumbers, so the large supermarket chains dont have to waste them, and in turn it is better for their profits, which mean we get food cheaper.




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