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Women Drivers :(


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:vangry: :vangry: :vangry:


I was driving along a road approaching a T junction where i have right of way. Due to a car parked on my side of the road i had to pull out into the middle of the road to proceed past the junction, as i did a mondeo pulled out of the road into my rear.








The mondeo



As i had past the junction and the impact is to the rear of my car what do you guys think the insurance companies are gonna say for claims. Also the damage to my frame seems a bit major so it may be a write off (AGAIN) ;( ;( ;(

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BLOODY WOMEN! :vangry:


I know that they always say "if we are so bad why is our insurance cheaper" and bollox like that but I swear that EVERY SINGLE TIME a car does something stupid, makes me think wtf u doin etc, it is ALWAYS A BLOODY WOMAN DRIVING IT! :vangry:


IMO women should only be allowed to drive SMALL cars with SMALL engines, either that or ban than altogether!


As far as the insurance goes you should be OK cos YOU had right of way, SHE hit you, its was HER front hitting your rear so SHE should have been looking where she was going.


Plus, most insurance negotiators are male so they will understand when you say a woman hit you.



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Its true!


I work for an insurance company and, no word of a lie ;) , on our motor claim forms, question seven, it says...


7) What was the cause of the damage to your vehicle?


A) Fire

B) Water Damage

C) Mechanical Failiure

D) A Woman





:D Quality & so true!! :thumb: Al.

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i wondered what the hell was going on when u txt me askin for a pen lol all became clear when u and some bird was at me door her attitude wasnt to hot ether, to add to what jb just said he already has done the diagrams etc took lots of pix :)




i think that might be only the second crash to happen on this road ever :D hehe

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