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Sime why have you not taken the opurtunity to fit 6x9's into the existing rear speaker holes.. its a 30 min job and would allow you to get a 3rd set in there,

http://www.escortevolution.co.uk/how-to/6x9.htm :thumb: looking good m8!

oh and i dont think two power caps are really usefull for anything over than decoration would have been better to install an optima yellow cap battery and just one power cap...

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havent really thought about changing the original speakers, i just disconnected them without giving it any thought, ive got some alpine ones in the garage aswell ! hopefully chrissyboy is going to revamp it soon so i can do it then :]


as for the cap, ill be getting a bigger amp in the future and it was just a bargain that come my way ;)

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