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My Plan


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My plan is to buy and old landrover and insure that fully comp for £550 (old one, tax exempt :] )

then buy an MR2 GT T-Bar (158 bhp) 8) and register it in my mums name and get her to insure it for £480 fully comp 8o 9thats starting a new policy so no ncb)


Then i will use the MR2 as a weekend car



im gonna kill myself :ghost:


what do you think of my plan??

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theres anothewr way as mte of mines doing at uni. Its not practical to drive now so hes bought the shitest peiec of crap metro for £50 and insured it for the cheapest amount possible and just leaves it in his garage, gets it mot each year through a 'mate' and just gathers no claims. Hell have 4 years by the end of uni and theres no chance hell lose it cos no one can claim against him
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I know someone else who has a 'similar' plan to that ;)



and it's fail safe.... ;)

you talking about my plan? or someone elses :))

Your plan is same as mine ;) :D


It shouldn't cost my old man, a 52 yr old, full no claims, never claimed, no points, much to insure an RS2000 ;) ;)


I'll just be 'borrowing' it ;)

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i thought with you being a named driver, ie borrowing it, means you can only drive it third party Fire & Theft?

it does.....



But I won't be a named driver, i'll be driving it under my own insurance (whatever we have got at the time).......


Still, will only be covered TPF&t.......


If I stack it all by myself..............Dad was driving ;)

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