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Crail thrash

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Wow, What a show this was. Scotlands only real legal cruise was an absolutley mint way to start off the new show season. No less than 3 Escortevolution members were in attendence!!! (some kind of record!) :cheers:

The show was mostly dominated by Jap motors with some mentally flipped MR2s and a well smart prelude taking most looks but the main draw was the drag strip, dominated by....yes..a Cossie! A 400bhp + escort cos just simply destroyed everything on the track (apart from the 15,000bhp jet car that is) :sonic:

Read about the show in about 2 months in Fast Car. Pictures to follow when I get damn uploader working again! :vangry: :D


I have just realised that this should be in the reports section. Could an administrator move it please? ;(

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