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Design Jordans Sig Competition!


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have you got Paintshop workin' boyo?


cos if so, all you need to do is 'magnetic lasso' around one object, copy it, call up the other picture, paste it, then 'transform' into the size etc. you need!!!!


I had a go at trying it, but it told me my 'scratch disk is full' ?(


anyone got any idea what that means, cos I cant do bog all with it at the mo. ;(

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Lovin the first one Longy :thumb: :D


But, would you be able to change it to...


"No time for fanny lick now Girly, Jordan in Escort here!"


With no comma before Girly see, then its grammaticallly corrrrecttt :)


And also, would it be possible to "blend" the join between the two pictures, or fade it together so its not a sharp join?


Perhaps round off/soften up/fade the adges a little bit too so its less of a square image?


Please oh my great one!



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