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saturday cruise


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Bringing you one of largest Cruises to hit south in a long time!!


The First Cruise of 2003 for the south - make sure you are a part of it!


The location is set and magazines are being informed as we speak! This could be a big chance to get yourself and your car noticed!


Location: South UK

Date: SATURDAY 15th February


This is a Convoy ONLY Cruise.



Please arrive at the convoy location 15min before they leave.

Normal convoy rules apply, no speeding, keep in line, dont over take the leader, take up only 1 lane etc.etc.



LATEST UPDATE (sunday 9th Feb):


Thurrock (M25 Service Area - southbound) Leave @ 8.00


Clacket Lane (M25 Service Area Anti Clockwise - southbound) Leave @ 8:00


Pease Pottage (A27 service Area - Crawley) @ 7:30



All Information on this Cruise + Updates & Any convoy Changes will be posted on the Cruise-South Cruise Diary (HERE)


To be added to the mailing list please mail Wam_cruises@hotmail.com

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I personnaly have organised a mini convoy from my house got 6-10 cars meeting up at 7.30pm gonna make our way to clackets lane services for 7.45pm get some petrol and join the convoy...


Really looking forward to this one, doesnt matter what happens with all the cars im going with whatever happens, wherever it ends up its gonna be wicked...


Get your arses into gear and meet us at The Wam cruise

Will hopefully have muh Esc.evo stickers before saturday and will be reprazenting maybe giving out some flyers to other scort drivers :P

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Ill see you at the destination m8


Dont be a stranger come on over if you see me, as ive said to MR.b any of you looking to join in my little mini convoy for the night are more than welcome just come on over and say hi, really looking forward to it, will be even better with some scorts in the gang :P

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who knows where it will end, my first thought was southend as clacket lane anti clockwise the only real place you can head is anti clockwise round the m25 as the next junction to turn round is miles in the wrong direction,

I expect it will be somewhere east from clacket lane and it would be a bit lame if it was southend...


IMO i reckon it will be a new venue such as a large retail park or public car park somewhere east of clackets..


Im not driving more than 45 mins anyhow :P

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