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Engine Jolt


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I have a strange prob with my 1.8i 16v engine where I can be gently accelerating in any gear, and the engine will just sharply jolt and then just continue accelerating as normal, This happens at random revs and speeds in any gear, I explained this to my local Ford dealer and they didnt have any idea what it was, they tried connecting my car up to the computer and still did not have any clue.


Any ideas anyone?? ?(


I also have the problem that I have seen other people post about where the idle revs very rarely sit at the right point when i stop at lights etc..


The revs vary when i stop between 500rpm where the engine is nearly stalling and can go as high as 2500rpm and not drop lower for quite a while.


I asked Ford about this too and they said that the valves needed decoking, they did this and it did not fix the problem so I would like any advice about this as well if anyone can help?





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Mine does a jolt at any time, i thought it was doing it just when the engine was cold but it did it after about an hour of driving at the weekend! Its really weird!!

Been having probs with the temperature gauge only working when it wants to as well!! It will be fine and then the gauge will just drop down to the bottom and stay there, it did this at the weekend too during about a 50 mile journey so the engine cant have been that cold!!!!



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