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Meshing my grill


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yea bond them on with some special glue...dont know if you can get it in halfords, but it would probably be a big tub, as you need quite a bit to do the bumpers


i think my mesh has been put on with fibreglass....unsure


once you do it, make sure you do it all the way around and just not at the sides or it will be liable to bend if its hit with something at speed, or fall off....mines is only done at the side, but im telling them to do it all the way around.

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do i have to glue the front grills as well ?( cant i just bolt the mesh on ?(

bolt it onto where tho?


theres no holes made for bolting mesh on...maybe there would be some holes on the grill but im unsure on that, never had my grill apart..or the mk6 one :/


if it does bolt on then you could.

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having trouble getting the hard to reach bolts off - done one side and my hands are already all cut up :upyours: :vangry: :upyours: :upyours:


why do they have to make bumpers which are so difficult to remove ?( :vangry:


FCUKING frustrating and its going to be dark in a couple of hours ;( ;(

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When i 'meshed' my front bumper, i had the same problem as i didn't want to take the front bumper off (lots of hassle) I held the mesh in place,and used JB weld to bond into place.Sets hard as rock overnight. :thumb:


You should be able to make out the lumps of glue in the pics. Al.





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