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Evo 5 aside football tournament


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Just to put the word out a bit more to those that dont look at the events section


We have a venue, time and date sorted for our football tournament as part of a weekend social


the football will be at Playfootball.net in Preston on March 15th


Ive booked 4 hours for us, 1pm till 5pm so we can get plenty of time in and those travelling from further afield will get their value out of the journey.


its £12 per person for the football, its up to you what you do about accomodation, you might want to share a hotel room with someone from your region of the country, so thats up to you to sort out


get over to the events section and get your name down.


club members and users are welcome

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would love to go to this ,but dont fancy the 5+ hour drive from london

just think of Sidricks 6 hour drive then.


Meekstaa and Dubs are coming from the south, and it will be a good 3 1/2 hour drive for me too.


And at least its for the weekend, not just 1 day.

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Steve you can come with me if you want?



top man for the offer ,Never can plan ahead with me though as my mrs has to fly all over europe 3 or 4 times a week and she only knows where she is 1 week before it happens ,as I have 3 young kids so when shes away I have all 3 ,will give you a shout nearer the time , :thumb:

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