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Whats ya top speed


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just got 130mph out of mine before i came up on some traffic and had to back right off but i can't see it would have done anymore than that anyway.


fastest i've ever been in a car although i wasn't driving was 146mph in my uncles cossie, god i love that car, i will have one of my own one day! :thumb:



note: all of the above speeds are indicated on clock only so may not be 100% accurate as u all well know.


oh and by the way, officer, i swear all of the above was done on private roads. (honestly it was!) ;)

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i've seen the cossie speedo reading over 170mph but you know what these ford speedos are like :roll: :roll: :roll:

u sure it wasn't reading in Killometers?! 170mph out of a cossie is gonna be big money spent surely?!


i know they aren't the fastest cars on the road by any means and a lot of todays cars will kick ass of one but i still gotta get me one of my own 8) i guess it's childhood memorys of seeing the old touring cars and all that :D

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