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I am naming and shaming www.ringtonecharts.co.uk


I texted a number yesterday for a background on my Nokia 6100 and it said it will charge my phone '3 x 1.50' - I thought a bit expensive, but fair enough.


All through Last night, the b*stards sent me 32 BOOKMARKS and 31 SERVICE SETTINGS RECIEVED messages.


I had £24.23 on my phone, this morning I had £1.23, they'd taken £23.00 off my phone. :vangry: :vangry:


It wouldn't stop. So this morning I phoned 02 and they very helpfully blocked the b*stards off my phone and I'll get my credit back soon.


pass this on!!!


NEVER TEXT TO 82070. :vangry: :vangry: :vangry: :vangry:

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