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IMO get a Kenwood amp, viper stripes and splitter and you should see a healthy increase in your bhp :thumb:

didn't u forget one thing there?


the "motorsport" screentop! that alone is worth 3BHP


unfortunatly though these modifications only seem to work when used on paxos and novas :nutter:



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Well if you have the 1.8 Zetec, then actually theres an awaful lot of things you can do such as cam changes, head work, displacement changes etc, combine that with a decent chiping then you should see some very impressive results................


How about throttle bodies instead, would sound lovely, and give you some very nice useable everyday power! :D

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a chip will be your next cheapest thing mate along with the 2.0 mondy throttle body, if you fit the throttle body yerself I think its bout £300 for a superchip, or a uni chip is supposed to be better in the way that you can have it adjusted as you change your mods, you'll need the chip to see the advantage of the throttle body tho, after that cams n head work so prices will be gettin higher :(
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