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I'm secreting fluid..

Cabrio Zo

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I had my power steering fluid reservoir fall off its mountings and it fell onto the cam belt, it wore a bloody gash in it and fluid pissed out everywhere, so damien got me a new reservoir and i had to fit it and top up the fluid... its not done any damage it went all over the wheel arch and the inside of the rim but was fine when i washed it off... oh and ford power steering fluid was 18£ or something for a litre bottle... only needed 1/4 of it as well... :(
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Ah ha I think your right there Si, there are two pipes going into the rack, one moves when you move the steering wheel and is defo leaking from that one, so hope just seals and not any more serious.


Good idea Escy, but mine defo leaking from behind the engine.

Heard of that happen to someone else too Jon


Where were you then Heero? Its starting to make a mess on the floor! haha



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