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just wanted to say hi


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whats up, just wanted to cruise on by and see what was goin on over at this board. i run a large escort website myself, but it consists mainly of US escorts. we only have a couple people with euroscorts over on our board. and i don't think we have many pictures of euroscorts either. so if ya want to, go check out our site and post some pics, post on the message board. have fun. i'm gonna check this site out even more.




maybe we could set up a banner exchange between the 2 scort sites. lemme know.

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lol, well my name is not simon and i dont live in purbrook...i probably live much farther away. i goto school in san francisco, california. but my home is in rancho cucamonga, california. i'm moving back home in 2 weeks so i can start my internship at Disney doing webdesign. anyways, u guys got a cool site here. still cruisin round on it.
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