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Can I just clear something up about 2.0 ECUs and P.A.T.S.


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PATS (Passive Anti Theft System) thatcham CAT2 aproved immobaliser



before pats was introduced in 1992 there were zetecs built without pats but only 1.8s and maybe some 1.6s however i know of no non pats 2.0 ecus

Prior to the installation of pats ford could be hotwired very easily or the ignition could be forced etc


External PATS

pats was introduced in 1992 as "external pats" where the pats system was seperate from the ecu and as such you could change the ecus and the pats was unaffected. external pats ecus take a signal from the pats module to say the chipped keys are present and it will then start the car. this can easily be bypassed with a live feed to the pats trigger on the ecu, this made the cars harder to steal, even now most amatuer thieves would be stopped by external pats


Internal PATS

around 1995 ford changed the pats system to "internal pats" which as the name suggests the pats system was incorporated inside the ecu and changing ecu is a ball ache involving swapping keys or chips and the pats sensor etc.

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I have a mk5b 1.6si, and I'm pretty sure that's external pats, im doing an engine swap to a 1.8 130, and have a 1.8 130 ECU from an early mk6, and a 2.0 mondeo ecu from a 1998 model, both with keys. I also have external edis on mine. Am I right in saying im going to have to rewire the whole system to run either of the later ecu's?
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Whats the code on the 130 ecu as there was no mk6 130.


For the mondeo ecu yes you will have to change the pins. Pre pats ecu's r a million times easier to work with though


If yours is a mk5b and your struggling with the ecu's, i have a mk5b 130 ecu here with key and transponder which would plug in without any wirin alterations

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