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got potential


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hi all from another newbie,

picked this up at the right price, needs plenty of work on the exterior but it has potential once the warmer weather arrives.. but i do need to source some cossie front wings of either steel or fibre glass and a different bonnet..





its running a 1.8 si that has piper cams, stage 2 head, nissan 375 cc/min injectors, superchiped ecu, remus sports exhaust,, high pressure fuel pump, mahle pistons and piper-X induction kit. (only problem is that it does over fuel)


it shall be going on the rolling road in a few weeks for tuning and output report.... i will update what the results are

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thats awesome


just the middle top vent would of been ok on the bonnet i think, but deffo need to get rid of the bottom vents, too much going on bonnet


you go easyish job just to do front wings i reckon, badboyclub on here is selling a full cossie kit, he might sell the front wings seperate


oh change the mirrors


what are those alloys? im after something like that for mine

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Welcome. Intereted in seeing it from more angles :)


Hoping to find one where it looks bearable? ;)



Sorry, but it's really not my thing. You'll want to put the right injectors in before you cause damage to the engine, a superchip isn't going to have enough remit to handle the Nissan ones that have been [incorrectly] fitted.

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cheers for the welcome and the comments,

i have a friend who is scrapping a mk6 so im grabbing the bonnet and mirrors off of it... they are blue at the minute but i got my own spray gun etc so wont be a problem to blow it over.

im intending spending some time doing it but not until summer, life is too busy at the minute.


as for the quesion of how much i payed.... i got it with 10 mnths MOT and 5 months Tax paid £400 for it as an on the road project

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What Cosworth kit is that, it looks like a cheap rep, doesnt even have the correct lines in the bodywork?? :(


Its got potential, but I would reccommend changing those back arches to better ones, get the rear wheel's spaced out & tidy the front end up. :thumb:

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