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I spent a little time on this old sierra


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I happened to have my cleaning kit out this weekend and came across an old sierra that looked like it could do with a quick going over to spruce it up a little.


It was washed, clayed, washed, dried with Last touch, polished by hand with SRP, then given a coat of Dodo Light Fantastic, the wheels were give a coat of Colli 915 and the exhaust tip saw a spot of AG metal polish


I dont have any before pics, just these afters:


























I didn't touch the interior, its not bad anyway





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nice clean car Trig :) well done.


is that Kris' white escort in the background?


Sort of, there is a couple of pics with a glimmer of Kris's car, but the obvious white one appears to be a stolen car, and in one shot you can even see someone in there going though the glovebox.

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I have to say i came walking over after Trig had been going at it all day and i really wanted to rip the shit out of his hard work lol.....But i just couldnt, he had done a fantastic job, really impressed :cheers: :cheers:


There was nearly abit of bufty wars too when a fellow bufty came onto Trigs patch and believe me that stand just wasnt big enough for two clay bars. Luckily he backed down before Trig had to pull out the Collinite 2464364 bufty repellent...

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