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I personally think the PS3 is the best one. I'm selling mine to pay for the damage on my car, but will be getting another as soon as I can. Alot of people aren't so keen due to downloading updates etc but I think the PS3 is so simple to use and loads of features on it.


Let the PS3 vs Xbox battle commence :pancake:

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I think you cant beat the Xbox. The PS3 has better technology, but ultimately its too hard to programme with. 9 times out of 10 the game do look better on the xbox, and the xbox upscalling is far superior. Just check out eurogamer for there monthly game comparission. It'll show the game are infact better.


So not only are you paying less for the console, your getting a better platform, with a better line up of console specific titles. Live is also much better than PS network, with a much wider adoption, and more downloadable content. Unfortauntely it is chargable, but for £3 a month it hardly breaks the bank.


Bluray is the only reason to buy a ps3. if thats not your objective than the xbox is the only choice.

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never been on a ps3 but the guy in zavvi (when i took my elite back for breaking) said that he had more ps3's returned that 360's


so i doubt they are any more reliable, my mates has been back loads


go xbox, games pop up cheap as hell too, 45 rrp but someones always got a deal on, most of mine cost a score and were out less than a month


i only play cod4 now, sometimes gta4, cant be beat


fallout3 was a dissapointment but i thnk i gave up too early, same with cod5

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XBOX is good,ill give it that.does almost everything the PS3 does and does some things better...


However,the 360 will not be around in 5 years time,the PS3 will be!


Pros of PS3


Built in hard drive (base model xboxes dont give u this)

Blu ray

Exclusive games such as killzone and GT5,little big planet and so on as well.

Online is free (£3 a month is £36 quid a year u dont need to spend if u have a PS3..and will soon make the XBOX cost the same as the PS3)



Games for PS3 are getting better, killzone is an example of what can be done! (and remember,XBOX games are limited to fitting on a 4.7GB DVD,wheras PS3 games can be much larger due to the fact Blurays hold 10 times that.

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You're always going to get a split on opinions.


I've personally got a PS3 and love it. As well as the games I just transfer my videos from my PC via USB onto it and you can use it as a multimedia centre. You might be able to do this on the XBox, I don't know.


But I've had a few friends who've had problems with XBox's and the red ring of death or something.

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i had to make the same choice last week and ended up with an xbox and 3yr warrenty for half the cost of a ps3,, but the main reason was that my sons friends had the xbox,, so he plays online with them and also trades games etc,,

it seems to be the most popular console due to cost,, imho the ps3 is the better one, just not the most social

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