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Anyone into kites?


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Anyone on here know anything about kite flying.


Ive been given a flexifoil pulsar (carl robertshaw edtn) for free and have bought line and straps for it (they werent included) and will be flying it ASAP just wondering if anyone can give some laymans advice. Ive joined a forum and looked on youtube etc but it seems very complicated performing the tricks they do but they look cool as fcuk when doing it. Ill be able to zoom across the sky easy and do rolls but its the staying still in the air and backflipping etc that i cant understand,how u can fly a kite with the lines attatchment points facing away from you!


So,what u got?

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Haha! As if I never saw this thread before. If you've never flown a kite before, take it steady at first and get used to the power of it! What size was it?


I got a Blade 3 I think.. Only a 3m but its PROPER easy to fly!


If you didnt get them, make yourself some kitekillers. Basically, get some old shoelaces, The name of the knots escaped me, but the one you use to connect the lines? That one on either end, loop it around your wrists and the brake lines. THen if you let go by accident, you wont lose it :)

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It's 6 foot. I flew my cheap beach delta kite (bought from sportsworld for £3 during a clearance sale) yesterday for a bit as im STILL waiting on the wriststraps and flying line from ebay


I have no idea how im going to keep the Pulsar still if i cant stall this cheap thing (proper stunts are done with the kite sitting perfectly still infront of u and just flipping around on the spot)



Like that!

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My housemate has a 4 or 5m one, got it about a month ago and we have been out flying it loads, great fun. Saturday we were getting some good air sometimes. Im pretty light and from time to time it pulls me flat onto the ground lol. Im into mountain boarding and we are hoping to combine the kiting and boarding togther...the kite should pull us along quite nicely
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Woah, that looks like some wierd UFO crap! Hahah! My kites a diffferent stlye of kite! But principally, I'd say get used to flying it first, and how it moves in the air. Get on some kite forums and ask how the tricks are done. They'll tell you the basic tricks and how to pull them off :)




Thats my kite :) Its great fun. Get some good air off it on windy days too! :P


matt 86, DO IT! Its so much fun! Or, Consider getting a buggy! :P

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