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to good to scrap ????


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heres mine beit only a 1..6 but times have changed need a more roomy car i realy dont wan to break this up as its too good imo . what do you guys think


its done 100k ish runs sweet never let me down ( drove it to the south of france a year ago )

rs2k f/r brakes

powerflow full set smokey front lights

half leather ( not mint but ok ) power sunroof

total colseure alarm

gti kit


whats something like this worth do you guys think assuming 12mths mot ( itll fly through )


or would i get more breaking it


opions please





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In a word- Yes! far too good to break, plus u wont get much for breaking it now, not these days, even gti skirts are only worth about £40 now.


I remember about 7 yrs back when u could even sell, and people were in demand for, the metallic dash surround thats standard fit in early si's and on every R reg onwards mk6, for about £25 a time. White dials used to make loads on ebay to. u cant give them away these days, i chucked about 3 dash surrounds away the other day lmao.


Dont break it mate, that could be a new pride and joy to someone whos not been driving long and wants to move on from their 1.3 escort first car.

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