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Hi Everyone :innocent:


I have never owned a Ford. For some reason I've been into pugs, and sort of know what to expect of them in terms of milleage before scrapping. So I'm here for your advise hopefully.


:vangry: I have serious problems with my current motor, petrol pug 306 .... serious as in :censored: gasket ....... I reckon I will be lucky to get much more use out of it :nutter: , but its done over 150,000 so I can't complain, but as its been such a reliable car, apart from french electrics, part of me want to get another one ..... :drool:


However.... :thumb:


A relative (who is buying a brand new Fiesta) has offered me their R reg Escort 1.6, with 80,000 miles on the clock. It has just passed the mot and has just been taxed for the year. It has been regularly serviced, recently had new battery, two new front tires. The only thing that is worrying is that it needed to be welded inside on rear passenger side above wheel arch - the rust around the wheel arch is just beginning (although car is garaged overnight!!! is it true that rust is a particular speciality of Ford?!!)


The body work of the car apart from the rust above rear wheel arches looks lovely, and its nice and clean inside, with front electric windows (that work). There are problems with the central locking on the doors, as it can only be locked from driver side, which i think i can live with (as I am used to rubbish French electrics not working!).

With 80,000 on the clock, what would be reasonable mileage to expect to get out of this car before it joins my pugeot (thats done over 150,000 miles) at the scrap yard? :vangry: :nutter: :censored: :censored: :censored: :drunk: :drunk:



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As said it sounds like a good car with a LOT of life left in it yet. Nip the rust in the bud now and it'll be a nice car that will run to at least 150k


Highest mileage scort i had was 137,000 miles and i scrapped that as its rear arch on one side was minging and it needed a CV joint and gasket and a respray on both bumpers and bonnet to be respectable..wasnt worth it despite the fact it was mechanically sound (other than the joint,which costs nothing)

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