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Not about an escort but a focus, feoc and ffoc have been rubbish for a


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Hi all,


I've just bought a 1.8 mk1 focus zetec on a Y plate


I used to own an escort GTi and had the 300mm front brake set up on it consisting of ST170 disks and mondeo V6 calipers


i was just wodnering will the mondeo V6 calieprs fit my focus?


Are there any adaptor plates to be made?


Do the hubs need drilling out more like they need to be on an escort?


What hoses do i use? Or will they need to be custom made i.e. goodridge braided?


Is ABS a problem?


Also i have a set of 16inch mondeo alloys woth 205/45/R16 tyres on them, will they be ok to fit onto the focus?


Plus, my mate is selling his -50mm lowering springs, will they be ok on this car with those size alloys?


Thanks for any advice given


I look forward to hearing from peeps as i can't wait to get my focus modified :)


Seb :D

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What will using the st170 discs do?

Why not use v6 discs too?


Because the v6 discs are 278mm and the st170 one are 300mm. Plus the offset of the discs is different and won't work on a escort/focus ;)


Ahhhh forgot about that


I have a MK1 Mondeo v6 (280mm) set up on mine what discs should i be using with it?

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oh bugger fair doos, well only one way to tell and thats get the wheels off the biatch and see if the brakes fit :)


Thanks for the advice guys


oh also is it wise to go 50mm lower on standard shocks?






mk3 mondeo calipers and 300mm focus st170 discs bolts stright on to focus'es , no drilling, use the standard focus hoses, abs will be fine, and i do remember some guys on evo getting 300mm under 16" mondeos


I think your getting confused with mondeo v6 mk1 calipers and mondeo mk3 calipers - as you can not run 300mm discs with v6 mk1 calipers without an adapter plate - which I dont believe you have :thumb:


-50mm on standard shocks eerrrrr na if you want them to last 6 months and the ride to a bone shaker dude


So as said keep the st170 discs and find some mk3 calipers (think TommyT was playing with the idea of selling his set a couple weeks back, drop him a pm) or st170 calipers

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