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I was in dealings with a gentleman to purchase the evotech bumper i had bought for my escort but as i have changed car i now dont need.

We had been working it out for couple of months and arranged to collect today around mid-day and then no sign. i email him at 3.25 to find out what happened. the reply was quite unexpected:



had recieved an email warning me off having any dealings with you


i wont name them but i wasnt prepaired to get invloved with any bad dealings with having to travel so far. now i dont know if it was someone who wants to buy it themselves ad was just trying to put me off or not but as i said distance for me to travel i wasnt preaired to get invloved. now if i have been duped i appologise for any inconvieniance i have caused..


im still on the look out for an evotech or wrc bumper and will no doubt post messages asking for these. again i wasnt intentionally trying to waste your time im to long in the tooth to be so childish


now the only person i have had sour dealings with is simon69 on here. I certainly hope he wasnt that stupid.


if anyone knows anything i would appreciate it as i know i can be a bit slow in posting but i have never screwed anyone over.

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This could only be the work of.......

























lol, very helpful :)

just winds me up - specially now i'm out the £90 i was gonna sell it for. now i gotta go through the arse ache of listing on ebay

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