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Greater Manchester Police On Twitter


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Was anyone else following this?






3 Twitter accounts they needed to use for the sheer volume of calls...


It was a point proving stunt by Greater Manchester Police to show the public the sheer volume of calls they receive in 24 hours and the amount of pointless calls they receive




Call 3045 Concern for the welfare of a relative living in Tunisia


Call 3026 Suspicious man wearing cape in Bolton - police attended and no sign of man


Really interesting to read. You don't need to sign up to Twitter to read the "Tweets"

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Manchesters cheif inspector was on radio 2 yesterday between 12.30 n 1.30 ish and they were already on number 5 account then cos they kept getting put in twitter jail!!


Its astonishing what twats ring thing police with such bullshite reasons. One person rang 999 to sue the benefits office cos they'd got their payment wrong this week!!!

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