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My Cars Dead

GTi Chris

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In all fairness insurance calls are recorded arnt they, so if they try to pull a fast one tell em to check the call. On the mods front, if its on your driveway then just remove all the mods before they tow it away or whatever they do. Its your car, whether they write it off or not its still your car and your entitled to remove the bits you want. As long as they dispose of the actual car/shell so it cant be put on the road again for safety reasons it shouldnt matter. Id do a supermarket sweep on it asap :thumb:



if they pay him out then its there car and classed as theft and they will have picture evidence of the car ( engineers report) :mellow:


Im only going on my experience here. My 1st car was written off( and NO it wasnt my fault :innocent: ). After the guy came to look at it (a long time after :vangry: ) I was told they could get rid of the car or I could do it myself! I chose that option, so when I had off bumpers e.t.c. I got into contact with a breakers who collected for free. Changed the v5 to the brakers yard and he had the car. Now It may depend on what cat write off the car was classed at, but they left it as my decision. I could of done anything with it! (As long as was not on the road again, or re-registered ) I didnt have to 'buy it back' either. That was Performance Direct so who knows! :cheers:

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Insurers offered me £1100 for car £553 for mods (£1653). They're making it up as they go along. The £553 isfor the morettes and wheels and 'a modified bumper and fogs' (no I don't get it either but wasn't arguing with them).


They have said they won't pay out for mods off ebay (morettes and wheels off ebay- £553 is more than what I paid for them?!?). Sent them receipts for a grand for stuff I've bought new and they've raised the offer to £1900? Less than £250 more.


Holding out for £2000- I think it was worth that- suppose I should be pleased but I miss my car.

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I'm insured with HIC sort of a sister to Adrian Flux- Flux wouldn't protect my no claims, I've got about 10 years, so I went to Herts Insurance Consultants think it stands for.


Had a proper barney wiv em today, tryin to squeeze that extra £100 out of em, gonna take the money I think- leave it until weekend so I can rag the Mondy for a bit longer- £85 to fill it up nightmare!

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