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anyone else in the northwest see that.........


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about 20 minutes ago the missus suddenly shouted for me to look out our back window and their in the sky is a rather bright streak of fiery light crossing the sky midway above the horizon.


looked like it was breaking up as it came across and the "fire" didn't seem to last long (about 30 seconds from when I looked till when it vanished)


my guess is a plane in the way it was breaking up and the pieces were "dropping" away rather than tracking along the same path with the main mass like a meteorite or satellite would characteristically do due to the speed of travel they enter the atmosphere.

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hmmm MOD refuse to comment.


Air traffic control were also unusually quick to confirm their was no "incident"


and it didn't look like any asteroid or meteorite Ive seen before, Its surprising how many Ive seen since moving to my current house, even seen a brief meteor shower last year.


imo it was moving way to slow for upper atmosphere as they reported, the tail was clearly flame and not simply ozone gases superheated by friction.....then there was the flaming debri-like cast off I mentioned.


but, that's their apparent story and their stickin to it.......


meteorite clicky

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Get Bruce on it




the reality of that movie would have shown the Americans declaring they'd save the world and launch a mission to destroy the asteroid, shortly then after Britain would vow its support and send specialists along with the mission, the mission itself would involve the use of three rockets to reach the asteroid, on launch two of the rockets would perform perfectly and reach orbit...... the third would suffer a "guidance system failure" caused by "garbled intelligence reports" resulting in its course deviating and it ultimately crashing upon a battalion of British TA soldiers killing them all.


the remaining two rockets would reach the Russian space station to refuel as pre-arranged at which point the Russians would turn off the fuel lines and blame "failing diplomatic relations with the capitalistic dogs of the west" forcing the rockets to coast the rest of the way to their target instead.


once on the asteroid the Americans would plant a flag and set about seeing if their was a local government official they could corrupt and place in power as a puppet dictator just in case there was oil on the asteroid they might want later, just in case they needed to re-invade/send peacekeeping forces later they'd begin fabricating WMD evidence also.


meanwhile the British specialists would be setting up various methods to solve the impending "global disaster", the task would be further troubled when one of the two remaining rockets suffers a "guidance system failure" due to "garbled intelligence reports" and launches itself before crashing back down on the British specialists killing most of them.


Having found no oil or worthwhile resource the Americans would declare that they've "solved the disaster" and the "situation was now stable and peaceful" further stating that "if they'd had found any indigent locals they'd have no doubt been grateful and worshipful of the American presence"..... their job seemingly done the yanks would hop on the last remaining rocket and blast back off for home leaving the British specialists behind to actually fix the shite they'd just created, upon blast off however the rockets blow-back would kill half of the remaining British in what will later declared an accident caused by a "faulty guidance system" further complicated by "garbled intelligence reports".


The Brit's would then set off a nuke the Americans had supplied designed to successfully destroy the asteroid, the Americans would arrive home and throw a parade for themselves and their brave selfless politicians, at a news interview they would sight the nuclear explosion as proof that the asteroidians did indeed have nuclear weapons and that they'd been right to go there and save the world.


The film then ends with a triumphant scene of the American crew walking in slow motion across the landing pad and into the arms of their massively cosmetically enhanced partners while off screen several dozen British families mourn the loss of their life partners while they hug their distraught family members.

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