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Who's been to uni?


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Alright lads, just wondering as im sitting in on a Sunday when the suns out reading about plastics, joining plastics, creep etc (Yawn tbh)


So what did you do and how did you find the course? also do you do anything related to what you studied?



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I'm a final year Automotive Engineering Student, did a foundation degree in Motorsport Technology before that. It's ok. My uni isn't really much on the lifestyle front, as it's full of computer geek types, but there we go.


I don't have a related job, because I haven't graduated yet :roll:

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Leeds Uni - studied Manufacturing Excellence - graduated and now a Production Manager at a food manufacturers.


Youre in charge of the chips at mcdonalds?


Just what thought would be put as a reply! :roll: But no i actually flip the burgers he he

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I did a Ba in business and a Masters in International Management.


I loved the courses, I covered subjects that I really enjoyed and met some great people along the way (including my wife). Over the two courses there were some fascinating subjects


Ironically in a number of ways:

1. I work for a company that only operates in the UK (excluding a couple of branches of a business we have only just bought)

2. I work in Marketing (I failed my Ba Marketing module first time)

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