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The sun is shining.


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Our cars.


So have you sat there looking at the sunshine & been thinking of any new mods to do, washing & waxing up, getting your winter purchases out of the shed/garage (I used to buy all my bits through the winter months ready, bumpers lights, steering wheels, alloys etc).

So what are your plans for the warm weather.


Personaly I will be hoping to get the cabby back on the road for obvious sunshine reasons, new engine, clutch, rear bumper fixed and maybe some nice mk6 rs2k recaro's.


Fiesta, just MOT and Taxed it so nothing as it's just my workhorse for chomping up the miles with work.

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No plans real plans for owls 5.4, If the the right parts come up at the right time.


Looking for the following.


1) 20" OEM rims for summer use. ( With



2) Harley / FX4+ headlights (Black surround)


3) 09+ wing mirrors or trailer tow mirrors.


4) Roll bak cover for the bed & box linner.

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So far the escort needs.

Tailgate, rear bumper got those (thanks to danzetec)


Bits already got. New badges for tailgate, new spotlights, wheels need refurbing, front bumper has split (smart repair), may be looking at getting side skirts.


While rear bumpers off I intend to paint spare wheel well that you see through rear bumper, sourced the under body colour for it. Will just make it look cleaner when newly painted bumped is fitted. Will be painted under all four wheel arches in body colour, front arch liners will be removed. May be tempted to paint wheel arch liners to give cleaner look under arches.


Probably a few other things will be done as well just want to make it a really clean well looked after escort.

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done mine today, washed, bit meguires ultimate compound to freshen it up, mer polish then finished with meg's tech wax 2.0





seemed rude not to take advantage of a sunny day.

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