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Done it again, This time a GTI, needs some work but in general she looks pretty solid underneath, wings need replaced as they're buggered, Petrol tank is leaking if filled anything above 1/2 lol

47k on the clock, albeit a rough 47k but have no reason to disbelieve its miles going by the wear in the interior and a load of past MOTs so all in all pretty happy and better still found the towing eye cover in the boot :P

Only a little bit of rust on one arch and a tiny bit on the tailgate


Only paid £400 so its a punt really and could make that back in parts alone ;)



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Why would you do it to yourself?! :roll:


Probably as some sort of punishment for selling my last one :roll:


some better pics since its cleaner now


Tinted fogs are going, smoked indicators are going, sparco pedals are going as well :P






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where do you guys manage to pick up these cheap cars from i can never find anything half decent for that sort of money lol



Well it wasn't cheap to start with. Guy had it advertised for £850, I text the number, he reduced the price to £450 cause he said the starter motor had packed up.

Was happy to just bump it and drive it up the road anyway so went down, didn't even try the starter, bumped it to start, took it a wee run, managed to stall it parking it up and just out of habit tried to start it off the key and it went, guy was kicking himself and I still had the cheek to knock an extra £50 and a free towrope off him lmao :P


Must have just been a sticky solenoid/flatish battery and the test run probably sorted it lol

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Some not so good news tonight, both sills are buggered with rust when i took the kit off to take a look. Found a hole on one of the rear chassis legs and the passengers foot well. Going to try and get a few quotes to get her put right, So want to see it sorted rather than me have to break it lol :roll: £400 quid punts for you lol!
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