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i rent a unit for work and the last couple of days the landlord has been using it to carry stuff through from the fire escape at the back of the unit through to another unit, this has meant i havent been able to use the workshop properly and have had to cancel jobs and turn work away


i got into work today at about 11 and saw my gas bottle for my welder has a smashed regulator on it, i know it wasnt like that when i left last night as i used the welder before i went home, ive asked the landlord what happened and he basically told me to * * * * off (yes they were his words), when the bottle has fell its landed on the gas pipe to the welder and split it so now the welder cant be used properly, as he was about to go the landlord said he would see me on friday for rent hes owed, i said i need to sort this regulator out before i even think of handing over rent and it needs sorting, he said he has no intention of paying for a replacement so i said ill take it out of the rent money to cover the costs


the bottle wouldnt be knocked over if he wasnt walking through the workshop which he fails to comprehend that fact


what do people suggest i do? i dont want to give him the full rent money due to damages caused while the workshop was under his 'supervision'


can i also charge him rent on using the workshop to walk through?

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Have you genuinely had to cancel work through him walking through the workshop (honestly, remember I am not your landlord)

Did he mention this work he is doing taking place using the workshop?

Be careful, after all it is his unit and he could always have the last word (essentially if you don't pay the full rent he can kick you out)


Maybe have a man to man honest chat outlining if he takes use of your workshop your not earning and not earning means not raising the money for rent.

Ask him in future if this is likely to occur then could you have advance notice so you can cancel those days and also agree to waive the rent for unused days.


Depends how you look at it though, if I don't use my house for a week I would still be expected to pay the full weeks rent but then again this is not by your choice.

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ive had to cancel a job yes, he briefly mentioned that he was going to use the workshop (no asking more i will be doing this) on monday before i went home so in reality i had no choice as he gave me next to no notice


i dont think a man to man chat will work as i tried that today and he basically shouted allsorts at me passing blame away from him, hes unreasonable to say the least

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your a bit stuffed really apart from upsetting him more, did him passing through the workshop cause this much of a problem, and how?

Obviously the damage is an issue but again apart from upsetting him more it seems your stuffed yet again?

What do you think he will say if you do give him a reduced amount to cover your loss?

Will he kick you out?

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Find a new workshop. This is a lose-lose situation for you.


Absolutely this.


Personally I'd just give him the full money (fling it at his feet) and tell him to get fucked. In 3 months time cave the front doors of the unit in if you fancy.


This assumes that you're not big enough to grab him by the throat and tell him to stop treating you like a cnut in the first place, as that would be my first port of call.

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id say to take this as a lesson learnt, if he wants to go into the place make sure your there at all times! that way if something gets broken u were there to see it happen and theres no denying it, just swallow this one and carry on dude
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basically, as you ay rent to the landlord, the landlord has to ask your permission to enter onto the property (you pay rent for your privacy) whilst you can't refuse, you can make it to a time that is convenient to you - basically when it is most inconvenient to him. you are perfectly right that you are legally liable to with-hold the money for not only the broken regulator but also compensation for any cancelled jobs. I guess from the sounds of it, your landlord isn't one to do the decent thing and doesn't really care about your rights.


The way I see it is:

1: with-hold the money and expect a lot of abuse and expect to get kicked out of the unit


2: carry on as nothing happened and cut your losses, but next time he wants to bring stuff in, make sure you move everything out of his way first.


3: find a new unit, get all the documents together and take him through the small claims court for the damage, loss of earnings an poss add a bit for invasion of privacy. maybe a half hour with a solicitr can advice your on tenent rights. takin someone through the small claims isn't that difficult anymore, all the forms are online and the process is quite easy. just be clear and concise in your arguement (don't waffle) and if doing him about breach of tennancy, know which section of the act to refer to ( the OPSI website has all the statutes on it for download, a quick search will get you what you want). depends whether you can be bothered though.


I managed to succesfully take some builders who where building a new house at the bottom of next doors garden and the messed up my rear driveway and hard standing, to court. my advice would be, read the statutes yourself (they're long and boring, but stick with it and set out your evidence in a clear on chronological order, the easier it is for the judge to follow, the more they'll like you - I made mine idiot proof - intro, outline of what happened, any witness statements, invoices (tabled and clearly accounted), receipts (tabled and clearly accounted), proof of losses (tabled and clearly accounted), appendix with photocopies of orig documents).


hope this helps, if you need any further advice, give me a shout.

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