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Exhaust Bore Sizes


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If somebody who has a 1.6 could get me the circumference of the centre section pipe, and somebody with a 1.8 do the same, I can decide which centre section to use and what size adapter to get.


Thanks guys.


i believe the center section on the 1.6 is 1.25inch, the 1,8 is 2inch. I may be wrong. did measure it on friday but I'll be buggered if I can remember where i put my note book.

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I may just be tempted to find a 1.8 in the scrappy and take it off that then.


scrap yard cars are stacked o top of each other, they are resting on ther bellys, ul never be able to get the exhaust off it dude. buy the mongoose someones selling on here, theyre disappointingly quiet but really good at freeing up the motor, revs so much smoother with the mongoose on, really really good system

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There's one in North Wales where my dad lives, 2 actually, and one of them is huge, and they just line up the cars in a row instead of stacking them, and let you hack away at them willingly. Some of them are quite friendly, and will take a car down for you if you need something from the bottom like exhaust systems.
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