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not fussed on my new phone


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after some advice guys,had a new contract with 02 about 2 months ago, i went for the lg p880 (optimus 4 hd) now i m one of these people that like to be different and not go for the norm, ive had lg before and liked it,so i thought why not,there's just afew things on it i dont like,what could i do?


sell it? ( not sure if it would be blocked)

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The phone is yours based on your completing the contract or paying off the contract in full (as Pee says), just gotto see how much money you get for it now.


Back in the day when I didnt get the most expensive phone each year I used to get the most expensive phone I could for free, sell it for loads of money then buy the phone I wanted off ebay pocketing the difference.

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is "selling" and/or "getting rid of" your only real desire?


It'd help if I knew what the "things" about it you don't like are but if its a truly software related issue (something like the way your phone performs certain tasks in its day to day use) you could always opt for the root & rom alternative over the getting shut of option?.

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